Using Internet Explorer 10 on a Windows 8 Computer

Two Versions of IE 10 on Windows 8 

Windows 8 computers have Internet Explorer 10 (IE 10) installed on the computer. There are 2 different versions of IE 10 on the computer:

  • The App version is available from the Start page (new Windows 8 feature)

  • The full Desktop version available from the computer Desktop

K12 does not support using the App version of IE 10 when accessing the K12 Online School. The App version of IE 10 (Start Page) does not allow for browser plug-ins; such as Flash, which are are required when using the K12 Online School. 

Windows 8 Start Page

The Desktop version of IE 10 functions much like IE 9 and will run the Online School after installing the required software plug-ins. If you are using a Windows 8 computer please note the following:

  • Windows 8 will not support lower versions of Internet Explorer
  • Although the user can access the Online School using IE 10 from the Desktop application, you may run into technical difficulties while navigating the OLS and other school websites

  • You may also use Mozilla Firefox 4.0 or higher and Google Chrome 17 or higher on the Windows 8 computer


Using IE 10

If you choose to use Internet Explorer on a Windows 8 computer, please use the Desktop (Full) Version. Follow the instructions below to navigate to your desktop and then click the Internet Explorer from your desktop task bar.

  1. To view the computer desktop: Press the Windows key (on the computer keyboard) or click the Desktop icon from the Start Page

  2. Select the Internet Explorer icon from the task bar (See below)

  3. Install the necessary software (JAVA, AdobeFlash, Adobe Reader, Quick Time and any alternate browsers) from the desktop (full version) of Internet Explorer

How to Identify the IE 10 Version - Desktop or App
  • Desktop (Full) Version - address bar at the top of the of the window (like previous versions)

  • App Version - address bar at the bottom of the window

Desktop Version


App Version