Course Materials - Grades 3-7 Novel Lists

What is the novel list grades 3-7?

Students of the same age do not always read at the same levels. For this reason, the K¹² Novel List for grades 3-7 includes books from a variety of levels.

Each novel is given a Lexile rating that measures the reading difficulty by sentence length and vocabulary. Lexile ratings roughly correspond to grade levels as indicated below.

Grade Lexile Range
grade 3 - 500-700
grade 4 - 650-850
grade 5 - 750-950
grade 6 - 850-1050
grade 7 - 950–1075
grade 8 - 1000-1100
grade 9 - 1050–1150
grade 10 - 1100-1200

Keep in mind that many factors determine an individual child’s reading level. It is difficult to rely solely on any numerical rating; thus, these ratings should be used only as a starting point for selecting works of appropriate difficulty.