Track Shipping Status - Materials & Computer Equipment

Follow instructions below to check shipping status for both course materials and computer equipment in My Info. Please note that your materials and computer equipment may arrive separately and on different days. 

If your student is enrolled into a K12 Virtual Academy, click here to view your school's 2014-15 school year ship dates.

Important: Course materials are automatically ordered when course(s) are assigned. If the student was not assigned courses (for the new school year) - they will not receive materials. Check the student's Courses and Classrooms tab in My Info to verify course assignments.

Step 1: Login to My Info

Login to My Info from within the Online School to check the order status and view tracking information for both course materials and computer hardware.

Please note that you must log in to the Learning Coach account to access My Info.  

  1. Log in to your OLS account.

  2. Click "My Info" located on the right - hand side of the Online School (OLS) homepage.

  3. Select the Students name.

The Learning Coach may also access My Info by going to "" and then enter your OLS username and password.

On the My Info Overview screen, Virtual School families can view their Material Expected Ship Date. Be sure to roll over the icon to view any additional information and allow 3-5 business days for delivery.

Step 2: Check Course Material Order Status

  1. Click the “Orders" tab to see a list of all material orders.

  2. Select the order number that you would like to view.

  3. Scroll down to "Course Materials" to view a summary of your order; this includes a list of the materials provided for each course, the kit name, SKU number, the order status and tracking information.

  4. Click the "arrow" to see the items provided in each course kit

Step 3: Check Computer Order Status (Optional)

Click the "Hardware" tab to view shipping status and tracking information for computer equipment ordered for your student. Please know, that the computer equipment (CPU, monitor, printer, etc.) may arrive in separate shipments and on different days. 

Step 4: Track Your Materials and Computer on

For shipping status details, we recommend that you track your shipments on

Once your materials ship, My Info will provide the tracking number. Go to website and enter the tracking number into the UPS Track box. UPS will provide you the current location of your package as well as the estimated delivery date.