OLS Account - Student Account Set Up

Who Needs a Student Login

Does my student need a student account for the Online School?

The Learning Coach has the ability to create a separate login for all of their students regardless of their grade. K12 High School students (grades 9-12), students (grades 6-12) taking courses on the eCollege LMS and all students enrolled in a World Language course are required to have their own login as all course work must be completed through their unique user name and password. Please consult with your assigned teacher for any school rules that may apply to student logins.

How to Create a Student Login

Follow the steps below to create an account for your student by accessing “My Account” from within the Online School. Please note that you must be logged in as the Learning Coach to access “My Account.”

1.  Log into the OLS and select “My Account” located in the upper right-corner of the Online School.


2.  From the drop down menu, select your Student’s name.


3.  Enter your Student’s preferred user name and password.  Re-enter the password and then click "Save."

Once your student’s username and password have been saved, click on the “x” to exit the “My Account” screen and return to the Online School Homepage.

Your student can now log into the Online School using their own user name and password!